Libraries form an important part of every pupils education, so when your school doesn’t have one, it leaves a big gap. This was the case for many years at Duffs Road Primary in Durban. Thanks to a partnership by Toys R Us South Africa the wait is over.

With a focus on educational development and community outreach, the Toys R Us TRUpers returned to Duffs Road Primary this week with a second donation of books to fill the shelves of their new library.

The pupils beamed with excitement when they learnt of the generous donation from the Toys R Us team.

“There is nothing better than seeing these kids’ faces light up at the sight of books and it gives us great joy to encourage reading among the youngsters in our country,” says Nicole Jansen Van Vuuren, marketing manager Toys R Us & Babies R Us South Africa.

Principal, Gopichund Maharaj said: “We are overjoyed at the generosity of the Toys R Us team and their willingness to help our learners with the gift of reading. This gesture has overwhelmed our learners, some of whom have never read or held a story book before.”