Module 1: I'm Pregnant, What Now?

Covering Trimester 1 & Trimester 2, this session is filled with valuable information for parents. What to expect, things to avoid & consider on this exciting journey you are embarking on.

Module 2: Preparing for Birth

Everything you need to know about Trimester 3 and preparing for birth. Preparing your body and home, helpful tips and advice – guiding you into the labour process.

Module 3: Labour & the Birthing Process

Facts and information explaining the labor process and giving birth. We share options on choices available to you at this time, and help prepare you on what to expect from going into labour, until you are ready to take your bundle home.

Module 4: Arriving Home with your Newborn

Helpful advice to help you ease into life at home with a newborn baby. Offering facts and information to make the transition from pregnant mom, to new mom and dad, easier.