This means preparing the nursery and getting all the paraphernalia a baby needs. I recommend that you prepare your baby registry early in the second trimester – share the link with friends and family as well as anyone attending your baby shower and remember to check off any items that you purchase or are gifted along the way -


These are the things that you need to buy and do ahead of time to make sure your baby’s nest is ready. 



For a start, do not feel the need to buy too much clothing – this is one thing people cannot resist to give as gifts. You should only really buy the new-born necessities ahead of time and then wait to see what you get for your stork party.


Buy 100% knit (stretchy) clothing for your baby – it makes dressing easier and is also more comfortable for sleep times.


Wash the clothing ahead of your baby’s birth as they may have been treated in the factory with a chemical that your baby reacts to. Wash in a gentle detergent and use 2T of white spirit vinegar as the softener as your baby won’t react to this and it’s a great softener.


For the new-born stage, you will need

  • 5 cotton vests (long or short sleeve depending on season)
  • 5 baby-grows
  • 2 hats or beanies
  • 3 pairs of little socks


Nursery  & Travel

There are certain products that you do need to get ahead of time, like a nappy bag, travel system (pram and car seat) and breast pump. When asked what her top products are for the nursery, antenatal teacher, Heather Wood of Thula Baby Centre, Mouille Point said: “a couple of swaddle blankets, a comfy feeding chair and a baby carrier.”  The SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier  sold by Babies R Us is a favourite choice as its soft and easy to use.



Your baby is going to go through a load of nappies in the early days and so it’s worth getting less expensive ones for daytime as you will change her 10 times a day in the early days. Get a good quality nappy for night time, to ensure it doesn’t leak when you need long stretches of sleep.


Your baby’s skin is sensitive and you do not want to use soap on her. Rather use a fragrance-free aqueous cream for soaping down and moisturising after bath. You will also need cotton wool balls and new-born nappy wipes.


The top 5 Babies R Us tips for being prepared-ish in the nursery are:

  • Do not buy too many clothes as you are likely to get many as gifts
  • Wash all clothes, bedding and swaddles ahead of your baby’s arrival
  • Spend money on a very good carrier and travel system – it needs to be convenient to use and comfortable
  • Keep toiletries simple and fragrance free for the early days
  • Buy a lot of nappies – these will always be used


A new baby can be an expensive exercise but these tips will help you to make wise choices as you prepare your baby’s nursery.


For more information on preparing for birth and your baby, read ch 13 Pregnancy Sense (Faure, Searle & Wood) :