Faure, an occupational therapist, well-known author and child care expert will join forces with Babies R Us SA in providing new and expectant mothers on how best to prepare for the routine and unexpected challenges of raising babies.

The “Be Prepared-ish” campaign features 52 weeks of practical online content in the form of a blog, highlighting ways of being prepared for the unexpected adjustments from pregnancy through to the toddler years.

This informative platform, which is accessible on the website www.babiesrus.co.za aims to deliver practical ways to be prepared for each stage of parenting.

“It’s a wonderful reflection of how real parenting is – it’s not perfectly executed, but it can be a little easier if we know what’s coming next. We kick off with ‘How to be prepared-ish for pregnancy and birth’ and then move through various areas of a baby’s life, from language skills to sleep and everything in between,” explained Faure.

Faure added that she felt delighted to be involved with such a fabulous project alongside her favourite baby retailer!

“Their idea to bring really useful information and practical suggestions to parents completely resonates with me,” she said.

Marketing manager Toys R Us & Babies R Us SA, Nicole Jansen Van Vuuren said: “This platform offers millennial parents helpful hints, suggestions and advice on parenthood in the most honest way and we are so pleased to have industry leader, Meg Faure on board supporting this effort,” says marketing manager, Nicole Annells.

Mums are encouraged to visit the Babies R Us SA website where Faure’s first blog will be published this month.

The topics that will be covered include:

  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Gross motor development
  • Social interaction
  • Language
  • Sleep
  • Weaning
  • Fine motor development
  • Play skills
  • Sporting ability
  • Toy play
  • Potty training
  • Cognitive skills

In addition to the weekly blog, Faure will be hosting a monthly Question and Answer session on the Babies R Us Facebook page as well as a video chat, highlighting each monthly topic.